How to help your pet cope with separation anxiety



Just as it has been for humans, the changing of schedules throughout the pandemic has been hard for some animals. Veterinarian Kara Radzinski said with so much changing fast, its normal for pets to develop separation anxiety from their owners, causing them to lash out to destroy the house.

“Think of all the anxiety that humans are going through with COVID. You don’t want to put that on your animals as well and it’s big. It’s a big change for them and they’re members of the family to support them through this,” Radzinski said.

Odd behavior is the main telltale sign your pet is feeling anxious Radzindki said. For some animals that could be vocalizations, extra scratches, pacing, and sometimes defecating in the house.

Thankfully there are ways that you can help them feel more comfortable as you head back to work and leave them at home.

If you have the option to do and gradually so if you know you’re going to go back to work and gradually get them used to it. So, have them used to being alone in the household by themselves for an hour while you go for a walk or even just down the block, and then slowly start to do longer and longer periods of time,” Radzinski explained.

Radzinski said if you can’t do it gradually to try and give them something to look forward too when you’re gone like a fun toy and give them lots of exercise when you are home.

Overall she says to create a schedule with them and let them know when its time to eat, when its time to walk, and when its time to play.

If all else fails, reach out to your vet for help.

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